Model year 1974
Left in September 1973, the Jeans beetle is destined to a young clientele and it's based on the 1200 model, receives an orange paintwork with adhesive stripes on doors with the motif "Jeans", sports wheels, Chrome elements are replaced by elements painted in black, Denim seat covers with coloured stitching and pockets on the back rests. Jeans beetles are everywhere a commercial success. VW will produce a second edition that will introduce new combinations of color
1974 Jeans in details

1974, the "Jeans Kit"
VW proposed in middle of year 1974, a kit that allowed all owners of beetle, to make a Jeans look their autos. This package, sold in the concessions, was called "Jeans Kit".  The Jeans Kit was composed of Denim slipcovers, a pommel of gearshift, hubcaps, mudflaps, and a set of stickers similar to the original Jeans beetle.
The Jeans Kit in details

Model year 1975
In October 1974, the third Jeans edition appear. Jeans receive the modifications brought for the year-model 1975. the front indicators disappears of the summit of the fender and comes to the bumper. the dashboard is covered of a padded protection in black plastic. the seats have head restraints and the floor receive carpet. 
1975 Jeans in details 

Model year 1975,1976 and 1977 (Mexico)
Jeans also appeared to Mexico for the local market. She's declined in two versions, model JEANS and the model SPORT JEANS, with dual carburetors engine.
Mexican 75-76-77 jeans in détails

Model year 1976
Volkswagen of South Africa built beetles from 1951 to 1979. In 1975, VWSA proposes its Jeans edition. This model is available in four different colors. Inside, a sport steering wheel, a rpm counter an a oil pressure manometer. South-African Jeans are powered by a 1600 cm3 engine. Total production: 1400 cars.  
1976 Jeans in details

Model year 1982
A new Jeans beetle edition come of the Mexican factory of Puebla and is imported for the last time in Europe. These Jeans wear the usual accessories finished in black, a "Jeans Bug" motif on side panels and the engine cover. They are declined in "Alpine white" and "Mars red".
1982 Jeans in details

Model year 1995
In September 1994, the Jeans beetle reappear in Mexico. Reserved to the local market, this beetle, named Sedan or more familiarly "Vocho", is powered with a 1600 catalyzed engine and have disc brakes on the front wheels. As on the previous models, it wears Jeans logo on its flanks and the rear hood. About 3000 Mexican Jeans were built. 
1995 Jeans in details

Model year 2000
The last Jeans beetles will be produced in 2000 in Mexico. It's also, reserved to the Mexican market. The beetle is painted with a magnificent dark blue and it's the last of the legacy of Jeans beetles. Its seats are covered of cloths jeans. A discreet Jeans motif, is placed around the alarm contactor. the beetle is equipped with aluminim sports wheels.
2000 jeans in details

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