Bonjour ! 
The Jeans beetle is certainly the most known special edition among Beetles enthusiasts. This limited edition has been produced in a big number between 1973 and 1975. and is perpetuated, in a more discreet way, repeatedly all along the career of the Beetle.  
To find some information about Jeans beetles is not easy thing. I created these pages in 2005 to regroup all information that I could glean on the web, during VW meetings, or on some books dedicated to the beetle.   
These pages are not certainly exhaustive. but I hope, with the help of jeans beetles enthusiasts, this site will evolve and will enrich it.  
Jean Michel Renaux. 

...I hope my English won't be too bad!

January 2014:
Happy new years ! 
You were several to ask me the exact numero of the "Paris-Match" magazine where was the french advertisement of the Jeans Beetle "Quand on est une idole, on ne s'habille pas comme tout le monde (when you are an idol, you don't dress as everybody)". It's the Paris-Match numero 1279, dated of November 10, 1973. A real collector ! 

September 2013:
September 1973 - September 2013: 
40 years old ! To celebrate the event, I have up to date the website. Happy birthday Jeans Beetle !